Thursday, September 20, 2012

I wandered, lonely as a cloud

Today's bake is the child of boredom.

Today was my first day of properly feeling 'unemployed', rather than feeling like a housewife, and this is certainly symptomatic of mind not ruling over matter.

Last night, hubby and I had some wonderful friends over, and they enjoyed the cardamom meringues (huzzah!). I had some rose water kicking about (as one does, darling) so lightly whisked it into some double-cream, so it bubbled but didn't thicken. Hubby and I forgot to take the blackforest fruits out of the freezer until about an hour before our friends were arriving, so with all the dalliance he could muster, hubby recommended serving the meringues with an improvised compot.

I left hubby to his heroic dinner-saving quest he found himself upon.

Last night's dinner meant the house was cleaned, and the kitchen is in a pretty good state. With nothing to clean, and having visited numerous employment agencies, I returned home. Tired, hungry, I soon saw myself stumbling into the slough of despond. Thus, the banana and walnut loaf was born:

I didn't like it very much.

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