Friday, September 14, 2012

An ominous sigh from the wind, and my husband left our hobbit-hole flat.

A British day - gloriously rainy, windy - reassures me that I am indeed not so hapless that I might spend my morning sipping coffee in my dressing-gown, preparing myself for the jobs of the day.

As a young wife without a paid job, the prospect of 'housewife' is daunting. It occurred to me that it seems only culturally acceptable if your husband is earning a handsome sum that you are permitted to identify yourself as a housewife. Otherwise you're just unemployed and a work-a-phobe.

I beg to differ.

I decided that in order to honor the work my husband does, I would work hard at home; until my employment situation would change, this would be my job.

It was with this in mind that I realised I had many battles up ahead:
I am a hopeless cook - how will I feed him up good-and-proper if I don't learn and practice?!
We have wedding 'thank you' cards to make and write - he hates craft and long messages!
Shirts, boxers, and socks need washing for him to go to work clean!

I don't say this to silence us women into submission and imprison us within our kitchens, but to encourage other women (and men) to see that we do have a vital role to play within our relationships and marriages. For some this role involves working outside the home, for others this role involves ruling as queen of the castle. I believe that a real queen serves her people, and for me, part of my royal duty is to embark upon missions of culinary conquest. (I'm really not lying when I said I'm a terrible cook).

To complicate matters, I am both gluten and dairy intolerant. My hubby is a savvy cook, but I'm choosing to take up arms and fight on the feasting front for him, as he works away outside the home.

I aslo believe that daily encouragement is crucial, whether to people known or unknown.

It is with that in mind that this blog begins, and I hope to share the lessons and encouragements with you.

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